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Do you like to play Billiards?  Having a hard time finding people at your same skill level?  Looking for someone to help you become a Pool Shark?  Look no further!  UNO has started a Billiards club.  For more information e-mail Rob Ruiz at rruiz@fdr.omhcoxmail.com.

On another note, I just arrived back in Omaha from a long trip!  I have countless teacher reviews to add and I do apologize for my tardiness in adding them.  E-mails will be sent out to those who requested an add. 

On yet another note, I hope to have the UNO Underground revamped before the semester ends.  There will be many new features added and I am hoping to start a UNO Underground Online Newsletter each month with articles and features around Omaha.  If you enjoy writing or have a digital camera please contact me at PacoLoco@Unounderground.com



This website has become larger than I had ever imagined.  I am currently redesigning it in .ASP and will be adding many new features to the site.  I want to thank all the students who use this site, without your input this website would have failed.


Many new teacher names have been added.


I am back from my trip and will be updating soon, which will include a hefty list of teachers names. 


I am currently out of the country, but will try to update the teacher list as soon as I can.  E-mails will be sent out to those who requested a teacher to be added.


17 New teacher names have been added!  Make sure to leave a review or two.


Pizza Rustica is having a grand opening celebration on April 28th with Food, Music, and Beer.  Make sure to stop by and have a slice of pie!


The Underground has been updated, over fifty teacher names have been added to the list!  Please take time to leave a review or two!  Thanks!











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